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Our vision is to help people make their wishes a reality during their lifetime, incapacity and at their death.


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Sarah Zwierzynski, Esq.

Sarah Zwierzynski, Esq.


Sarah Zwierzynski was born and raised in Fair Oaks, California. Sarah has a passion for helping and serving others. As a teenager, she ran the Wednesday night youth program at her church, where she found a love for teaching. At just 17 years old, she also became a caretaker for children whose needs, rights, and protection were being neglected. Her passion for teaching, community and children only grew with time.
With a desire for helping others, Sarah graduated from California State University of Sacramento, receiving a Bachelors of Arts in Early Childhood Development.
After many years of teaching and interacting with students and their families, as well as the community, Sarah recognized various hardships people were facing. She then became aware of the lack of support, services, protection or advocacy. Seeing these challenges, Sarah decided to pursue her law degree, so she could fill the void. Sarah attended and graduated from Lincoln Law School of Sacramento. She worked hard attending classes in the evening while still spending her days teaching. Her keen intellect and curiosity found her fascinated by many aspects of the law, from child advocacy law to criminal law. Yet, it was while Sarah was taking the Wills and Trusts classes when she truly discovered which practice of law she was meant for, Estate Planning. Sarah decided the best way she could assist families was by helping them protect and plan for their and their family’s futures. She enjoys the peace of mind she gives others as she helps them put their wants and wishes on paper, and provides them with opportunity to protect their children, their loved ones, their family finances. Knowing a family can rest assured about the “what ifs” of life gives Sarah the greatest sense of fulfillment.
After Law School Graduation Sarah worked as a criminal defense attorney, finding great interest and satisfaction in protecting clients’ rights in the courtroom, and gaining over 200 bench trials. Soon, Sarah could no longer resist the call and made her decision to transition to practice Estate Planning Law.
After working for an Estate Planning law firm, Sarah is now thrilled to start her own law firm, Zwierzynski Law, where she will be serving others by providing Estate Planning to protect the wishes and desires of clients and their families.
Sarah also loves being active. She claims the title of being the first female pole-vaulter at Bella Vista High School. She remains active in community sports programs and often participates in fundraising and cause awareness fundraisers, as well as 5k and 10k runs.
Sarah is also very crafty, she is always making something creative and inspiring. As well as visiting the local craft fairs, farmers markets and community fairs.

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