Estate Planning

After a thorough consultation we will put together an estate plan that best meets your needs and wishes.

These plans typically include: a trust, pour over will, health care directive, durable power of attorney, HIPPA authorization form, deed transfers, and disposition of personal property memorandum.



Probate comes into play when a person dies with no prior estate planning or with only a will. The process of passing on the person's assets must be supervised through the court with very specific procedures. We guide you through this process.

Trust Administration

Trust administration can happen when the grantor-trustee becomes incapacitated or just want to step down as trustee, in this case the successor trustee will manage the assets according to the Trust for the benefit of the Grantor. Another time when we administer Trusts is when the grantor dies and the successor trustee must now distribute the assets to the beneficiaries as the Trust dictates. Trust administration is NOT a court supervised process.

Special needs Trusts

A special needs trust also referred to as a supplemental needs trust is used to protect a loved one, who has a disability, from loosing their Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid benefits, or other means based programs. By setting up a special needs trust you are preserving the assets for the benefit of your loved one without the assets being in the beneficiary's control therefor the assets wont be counted as part of their income or assets.

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