Estate Planning

Estate Planing refers to making a plan with legal authority for you and your assets, during your lifetime, in case of incapacity and at your death. This can include: a trust, will, durable power of attorney, healthcare directive and final disposition documents.

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A Trust is a legal document that holds all your instructions, your wishes, for your assets. The trustee holds title of these assets and uses the Trust as instructions of what to do with the assets. Typically you are your own trustee until incapacity or death. At which time, the named successor trustee would step into your shoes and carry out your wishes as they are expressed in the Trust document. Trust may be administered without court interference.

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A Will is a legal document, where you designate who you would like to gain ownership of your assets. It also includes who you designate to be guardian of any minor children you have. A Will only takes effect at your death. A Will must typically be adminitered in the probate court.

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PLAN FOR TOMORROW,                                             even though it is unknown

Zwierzynski Law is an Estate Planning firm. We are here to help all plan for the future. Everyone needs a plan for incapacity and death. A plan is no good unless it can be executed. At Zwierzynski Law we are here to make sure not only have you thought about your plan, but the correct documents are executed so that your wishes may be carried out to the  best ability possible.



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